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A law firm focused on entrepreneurs best serves entrepreneurs. That is what we believed when we founded our firm and two decades of client service have confirmed our commitment. Doing it right takes more than just offering the right legal services.  It takes understanding, vision, strength and belief.  It takes entrepreneurs advising entrepreneurs.

It also takes the ability to guide companies from formation to financing, from contracts to acquisitions, from private capitalization to public offerings, from the founding entrepreneurs to planning for succession management and ownership.  It takes delivering strategic value, helping clients see the possible futures they have created - or can create - in any given transaction.

Cowden Humphrey has established its reputation by having an unmatched knowledge of its clients' industries.  The firm's legal expertise serves clients at all stages of growth, from venture-backed start-up companies to multimillion-dollar global enterprises.

Our broad range of services and legal disciplines are focused on serving the principal challenges faced by entrepreneurs as they start up their businesses, and by the professional management and the boards of directors that succeed them.

The firm serves a world-wide clientele from its offices headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.


Cowden & Humphrey Co. LPA | 4600 Euclid Avenue, Suite 400, Cleveland, Ohio 44103-3748 | 216-241-2880 Fax 216-241-2881

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